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Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) 2016

AMUG. Sounds like a ton of braniacs meeting together to talk about innovative technology, right? Right.

AMUG stands for Additive Manufacturing Users Group, which will be celebrating its 29th Anniversary at its March 19-23 show at the Hilton in Chicago. In 2017, AMUG is expecting an increase in attendance (a.k.a. braniacs) due to many people entering the market and engineering new ideas to stimulate the Additive Manufacturing sector.

The main purposes of AMUG includes presentations by various groups within the Additive Manufacturing Industry and hands-on workshops for those involved in the industry to get more use of their equipment.

As Strangpresse’s Executives venture to this 3D manufacturing conference, it is important to note the strides made in this industry within our very own company. The statue of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention as well as the Hillary Clinton statue displayed in various locations in northeastern Ohio this year was made with the help of our team down at the Youngstown Business Incubator, using 3D manufacturing technologies. As the conference approaches, we are hoping to come back with revitalized ideas and advancements to try out on our equipment. The event will last five days, so check back in March for a recap of the conference and new technologies within the Additive Manufacturing market.

By: Lexi Roach