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Rapid Conference, May 8-11 2017

As the Additive Manufacturing industry continues to evolve, Youngstown’s own Strangpresse is taking flight within the industry in a city that is also adapting to change and economic growth. Right in our backyard, our executives will be attending the RAPID conference in Pittsburgh, PA from May 8-11, 2017.

This conference will be featuring Strangpresse as an exhibitor, which means that they will be connecting with decision-makers in the Additive Manufacturing market that will be ready to invest in our services, as well as meet with prospective customers that are new to 3D printing. This will be especially important because of the location of the conference; new customers will most likely be from the Pittsburgh area, and since we are located in Youngstown, OH, we would be a convenient choice for them to invest in. RAPID will feature keynote speakers, innovative solutions to various product ideas as well as prospective buyers. One of the standout features of the conference this year is that RAPID will be presenting a brand new international 3D manufacturing partnership for an increased market in the industry. Along with the new partnership, there will be over 200 hands-on workshops for eager executives like our own to try their hand at.

Attending conferences like these not only increases our personal brand awareness, but it heightens the knowledge and structure of our company versus the competition. Some of the top Additive Manufacturing companies and expertise will be sharing their wealth of information about the latest and greatest in the AM market, offering our company an edge with the newest information and design ideas.

Stay tuned for a post-conference blog and a chance to hear what our executives have to say about one of the top additive manufacturing conferences in the world!

By: Lexi Roach