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The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Now that Additive Manufacturing is becoming more consumer-friendly, it is starting to revolutionize the way we manufacture products. It is making the manufacturing process almost completely hands-on for the first time, ever. The entire Additive Manufacturing process can be done anywhere, from your home to school to a hospital to a car dealership. The possibilities and the efficiency that this industry is opening up for our society is finally being brought to light by innovations that have never been done before, such as a 3D printed vehicle.

Not only is the industry helping to re-create objects more efficiently, but it is also opening a whole new side to manufacturing that is creativity and design. New designs and properties are now emerging because of the unlimited capabilities we have with the technology of Additive Manufacturing. Some notable industries that are adopting Additive Manufacturing into their supply chain include the aerospace industry, healthcare, military and automotive as we noted before. In the near future we are going to see some incredible strides made with consumer and businesses turning to the Additive Manufacturing industry.

As the industry continues to progress, keep an eye out for Strangpresse as a go to company for extruder parts for Additive Manufacturing. Stay tuned as Strangpresse continues to imprint their knowledge and put their skills to work on improving and innovating the additive manufacturing process.

By: Lexi Roach