The Strangpresse Story

Strangpresse was founded in 2014 in Youngstown, Ohio, to research, develop, and commercialize fully controllable, lightweight, thermoplastic extruders to be used primarily in additive manufacturing. Strangpresse was the first company to license Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s suite of patents associated with large scale additive manufacturing on a non-exclusive basis.

Strangpresse has also been contracted by Lockheed Martin Space Systems to provide an advanced extruder for use in their Multi-Robotic Additive Cluster Research and Development initiative. We are also working with Baylor University to develop extrusion equipment that meets their AM production and research needs, specifically related to long fiber orientation.

The Strangpresse leadership team has more than 70 years’ experience in the thermoplastic extrusion industry. In addition to our licensing agreement with ORNL, we have partnered with Rockwell Automation’s original equipment manufacturer team to continue its development of control and monitoring systems for its extrusion equipment.

Our founders hold many patents related to the processing of thermoplastics, some of which the company has licensed for use in the additive manufacturing industry. Through this technology, we are able to overcome many issues related to consistent throughput and melt quality over an infinite range of output volumes. In addition, this technology has also allowed us to overcome problems related to stopping and starting, and adjusting the nozzle orifice diameter, during the build process. All of our extruders are designed to process many engineering grade plastic resins in pellet form, saving our customers both time and money. The use of plastic pellets allows the acquisition of raw material on a competitive basis rather than from a captive supplier. Our customers include research & development universities, as well as both integrators and end users in aerospace, automotive, and marine industries. Our products are used in the rapid prototyping and manufacture of finished structures, tooling, molds and dies.