Additive Manufacturing: Value of the Technological Renaissance

As additive manufacturing takes on new innovations in the technology world and introduces complex ideas and designs, there a few things that you need to know about the variation in specific product arenas that can be printed, and the importance of quality extruders and filament.

Strangpresse, based in Youngstown, Ohio, offers top of the line quality lightweight thermoplastic pellet-fed extruders that have been nationally recognized for their use of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Big Area Additive Manufacturing Technology. The advancements they have made in the short time that the company has been around continue to catapult into a technological renaissance within the aerospace and automotive industries.

Although cars were one of the first to go through the run with 3D printing, many of the complex parts and gadgets are being simplified with the technology behind Additive Manufacturing. The below photo of the Shelby Cobra was manufactured in SIX weeks, six. Unheard of development and production of a working vehicle. Included in most 3D printed cars are a wireless charging system, lightweight electronics, and its energy efficiency production and usage.

The Additive Manufacturing adventure is taking off, so make sure to keep up with us on the latest and greatest in Additive Manufacturing.

By: Lexi Roach