Strangpresse Extruder Major Part In Autodesk University

Strangpresse’s custom thermoplastic extruders are being utilized for various technologies, like we have touched on before. The most recent innovation that came about with the help of our Model 19 Extruder was the idea of Generative Design by AutoDesk. AutoDesk is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for various architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing companies. They created Generative Design, which is basically a technology that portrays nature’s evolutionary approach to design. You first take whatever design idea you have, and it creates various permutation templates for you to find the best design solution out of an array of possibilities.

There a few different types of generative design that all are after the same purpose: taking a single idea with personalized parameters, producing a unique and customized design built around your ideas. Strangpresse plays an important part in this process as the backbone for any finished design. Our extruder manufactures whatever it is you designed; basically, our extruder is way smarter than any other technology out there because it produces the idea at a quicker rate than any ordinary machine would do. 3D manufacturing is really the reason that this new design approach works; the complex technology that is Additive Manufacturing makes this approach seem feasible. Without it, it would not be practical with traditional production methods or machinery.
Stay tuned for more innovative ideas and products our Strangpresse extruders’ manufacture!

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By: Lexi Roach